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Pamela  Benton is dynamic, versatile and one of the finest soloists originating  from the San Francisco Bay Area, who now resides in the beautiful  Northwest in Coeur D Alene ID.  Ms. Benton is a singer/songwriter, as well  as, producer and recording engineer. Pamela is a multi-talented  instrumentalist. She sings and plays live  on both the electric violin and lead guitar. Her first CD, Living by  the Lake, is an all-original all-instrumental CD that has "smooth and  easy instrumentals". It has been described as relaxing and easy on the  ears. Categories are Smooth Jazz/Light Jazz, Pop and New Age. The main  solo instruments are either electric violin or acoustic and electric  guitar. 

Pamela's violin is an extention of her soul and she  delights audiences wherever she performs live whether singing, playing  the violin or guitar. The music from her first CD, is inspired by the  gentle serenity of Lake Coeur d'Alene and the beauty that surrounds it.  This is truly beautiful music! Pamela was Classically trained on the  violin and studied classical piano, which she uses to record keyboard  sequenced arrangements. Pamela has toured to perform in over 10 states  in the West. 

Pamela has an identical twin sister, Deby Benton  Grosjean, who is a world renown Celtic fiddler. Together they have  published a Celtic fiddle book called, Fun Celtic Music Series. (see  "MUSIC" page for more information) They also have a band called HoneyBee - Celtic Fusion.

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